“I can…”

Sometimes it’s hard to be positive about diabetes; especially on the tough, roller coaster days where it doesn’t let up. However, even those days are “I can…” days because I survive them. Even small accomplishments like not going completely nuts at the end of the day are worthy of praise because dagnabit, diabetes is tough.

I’ve accomplished ten years of having Type 1 diabetes. I’ve moved (many) times, worked full-time, supported myself, and I got myself into my dream school. I’ve traveled the country, and soon – Europe. I’ve volunteered at local organizations. I’ve rock climbed. I’ve done so much but I still have so much more to knock off my bucket list.

Most days, I’d still give T1D back to whatever diabetes fairy goes around bopping us on the head with it. Even so, there are positives. I’ve connected with so many incredible people who are part of the diabetes community. I am a more kind, compassionate person for having it. Having a chronic illness has given me empathy for others with chronic illness. It’s given me more sympathy for myself. I have a deeper understanding of what it means to truly be healthy, and what my body needs to remain healthy. I rest when I need it. I eat sugar when I need it… and sometimes when I don’t. I listen to my inner voice.

I can do anything with diabetes. It hasn’t stopped me yet.



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